New fishing strategies offered by TURBO TACTIC®

SODENA has been actively pursuing the development of innovative technical solutions for professional fishermen over the last 25 years and now announces the coming release of TURBO TACTIC®, masterpiece of its new generation software.


Amitech Industrial Spain wins a contract for the second biggest solar energy site in Europe

Amitech Industrial Spain, a company specialized in fluid transfer and an Amiantit group subsidiary, is to install the water circulation systems for the Extresol-1 and Extresol-2 solar power plants, the second biggest complex in Europe, located in the Badajoz province of Spain.

HMS Industrial Networks AB

Anybus X-gateway, Reduce your infrastructure cost with the number one supplier of industrial network gateways

Networks used in industrial automation are very often incompatible with each other. The Anybus X-gateways interconnect the different networks and link between different fieldbusses or industrial Ethernet systems. Fully compatible with the PLC network systems of Siemens, Rockwell, Schneider Electric, Mitsubishi etc, the X-gateways make system integration easy!

NORD Drivesystems

SK 225E and SK 235E

The SK 200E family of economical decentralised frequency inverters has been expanded with two new models, SK 225E and SK 235E, featuring onboard AS Interface support. In addition to creating a drive system that is especially attractive in economic terms, this interface makes life easier at the I/O level for users of large-scale installation by simplifying cabling.


ROBA®-secustop, Safety brake for chain hoists in stage applications

Electric chain hoists for stage applications must comply with the BGV safety standards. Within these standards, there are various levels that determine the tasks for which this type of lifting gear is authorized. To comply with BGV-D8 Plus or BGV-C1, which offer more possibilities, chain hoists have to be equipped with two separate DC injection brakes, such as the new ROBA®-secustop from mayr® drive technology.


RJ-SWITCH ATEX - ATEX Zone 2 ETHERNET SWITCH for the process industries

This new 5-port Ethernet switch innovates as the only sealed ATEX solution, while remaining affordable. It has the further advantage of being available with connectors that are also sealed and ATEX. Using this particularly rugged switch, with full ’plug and play’ functionality, it is easy to set up redundant rings with 30 ms recovery times and 100 Mbps data rates.



Incorporating an air purifier, Coadis Medical Comfort is the only comfort unit on the market designed specifically for hospital rooms. It meets the most demanding air quality requirements, providing optimum health safety. It provides the best levels of thermal and acoustic comfort for the patients, while optimizing energy performance throughout the building.


Chmielnickij’s water supply

The city of Chmielnickij (pop.: 300,000) in the region of Podolia, has long experienced problems with supplying and upgrading sufficient amounts of potable water. The current pressurized water supply system, built many years ago using ferroconcrete pipes, is now outdated. Constant failures of the main bus supplying the city’s water have carried the risk of suspending the water supply for the entire city. It was thus necessary to launch a new water supply system in order to significantly improve the reliability for the city. AMITECH POLAND has won the contract for the works.


VisuNet GMP: controlling and monitoring within GMP environments

VisuNet GMP is a product range from Pepperl+Fuchs which is tailored to the specific requirements of pharmaceuticals, and food & beverages industries. The product portfolio includes monitors, remote monitors and PCs.

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